EasySale - the free and easy to use point-of-sale program!

EasySale is a point-of-sale program that runs in the Batch language, the language of the Windows and MS-DOS Command Prompts.  It was originally considered as a program that I used myself, but as my personal sales began to decline, so did the need for EasySale.  Finally, I felt it was time to share my program with the world, and help out other small businesses/sale centers with their transactions.  Therefore, I have uploaded the original EasySale files I've used since day 1 to my web server, and now they are available for anyone to use.

Download: EasySale and its components can be downloaded here.
If you need to download one or more files included in the downloadable ZIP file, view the contents below and click here for the directory.  If you're not sure of what files are missing from EasySale, it is recommended that you redownload the entire ZIP file again.

The contents of the ZIP file are:
*EasySale.bat - the main program.
*ESMOBILE.bat - a mobile version of EasySale I used on my Symbol MC5040 via telnet and my laptop.
**README.txt - a README file used standalone or within EasySale via the main menu.
Receipts.es - the receipt storage file used with EasySale transactions.  Records date, time, item name, item price, subtotal, amount paid, and change given.  *Does not record tax.
**splashscreen.txt - a wide EasySale intro screen when the program is opened.

* = due to a security issue with the web server host, the storage of BAT files is not allowed.  To circumvent this issue, the individual BAT files have been individually compressed into their own archives.  If downloaded, extract these archives into your EasySale directory.
** = these files may open in your browser without a prompt to download.  To download the file, hold CTRL and press the S key.  Macintosh users: hold COMMAND (⌘) and press the S key.

Installation: To install EasySale onto your computer, simply download and extract the downloaded ZIP file.  The ZIP file can be deleted after it is extracted (preferably to your Desktop).

License: You may download, use, and redistribute EasySale AND its files at no charge, however modification of the program code and/or included files is NOT allowed.